Youth ODGA

For youth in the Ohio dairy goat industry.
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Officers & Directors


Established in 1927

Objectives and purpose of the Association shall be:

(a) To advance the cause of the Dairy Goat Industry.

(b) To encourage and promote the breeding of quality Dairy Goats and to do all possible to bring their natural qualities to perfection.

(c) To educate the public about the benefits and value of Dairy Goat’s, and Caprine products.

(d) To foster and promote the public exhibition of Dairy Goats at fairs and other shows.

(e) To foster the study of Dairy Goats and Caprine products in schools of higher learning and promote Caprine products knowledge through the state agricultural extension service.

(f) To promote closer fellowship among goat owners and enthusiasts by coordinating the activities of various local associations.

(g) To facilitate the interchange of knowledge and ideas and in general, to provide in every way possible for the mutual protection, benefit and welfare of this Association.

New members are always welcome.  I hope you take time to sit down and look over our new website. If you’d like to become a part of our website we have many spots where you could promote your Farm-Herd-business –or your favorite goat. Just contact We will be happy to work out a plan that suits your budget.

2019 Buckeye Sale Results

Congratulations and Thank You to the following successful buyers at the 2019 Buckeye Sale! Oberhasli went for $750 and ND for $700 both to the Casto Family.  Togg went for $400 to Ray Graves Lamancha went to Julie Lucas for $825.

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Health Update and News

Coxiellosis, also known as Q Fever, can wipe out an entire kidding season before the producer is able to figure out what is happening. Often the infected does show no symptoms: they don’t stop eating and they appear ok until they abort or until a day or two before they abort. Since Q Fever is highly contagious in the afterbirth and other bodily fluids an abortion storm can take place and the entire herd of does can be infected.

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Friend of ODGA Award

Pat Cornell Pat has worked with ODGA for 30 years. Pat raises dairy goats in Medina county. She judges youth shows in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Kentucky each year. She is a soap maker and gives soap making demos at goat clinics. She is the go to lady if you have any ODGA questions.

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